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Some New Things and Updates

From doing the exercises in the workbook Envisioning Finer ThingZ by my sis, TT Gore, LCSW, I’ve been listing three things every morning that I’m grateful for. Yesterday, one of those things was my camera. This was a surprise to me because I hadn’t used it in probably two years. I typically just use my phone camera. It’s nothing special or fancy—just a little point-and-shoot. Yet it came to mind.

There are a couple of projects I’m thinking about that would be fun to do with photos. And I’ve been interested in photography for a long time, but whenever I’ve tried taking online courses, the technical stuff has gone over my head, and I never got very far. But yesterday I decided to try again.

I found a beginner course on YouTube—super basic and accessible to people not using complicated equipment. So far, the explanations are making sense and I’m not overwhelmed. And I went out today to do the first assignment, which was to take some pictures from different angles.

A lot of times I take pics from the same places, which is okay. Looking at the same thing dozens or hundreds of times, it’s always possible to find beauty or some different aspect or detail. But I decided to go somewhere that I haven’t been in a long time. I took a walk on the Appalachian Trail. It turned out to be lots of fun, and I was happy with some of the photos I took. So here are some of them.

Frozen windshield
Frozen window
Looking up
Looking down. I like the composition and the pop of color here.
I just like taking pics of the sun through trees and leaves.
Up close under the leaves
Messing around with composition and they’re just cute when they’re not trying to kill each other.

Aside from the photo projects I’m planning, I have a new short story in my Anti-Villains series, “From the Mud,” a comedy about Adam’s first wife, Lilith. Following that on February 23rd, before the end of Black History Month I will start the next story, “A Song of Vengeance”—a horror deconstruction of the siren myths set against the backdrop of one of the worst race riots in US history. Please check them out.

I also decided to open a Ko-fi account for those who would like to show some love. I’m excited for the next couple of months and am trying to balance writing content, learning the skills I need for future projects, and coming up with new ideas. Thanks always for your support!

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