It’s a good thing Merc’s relationship with the Shadow King is still in its honeymoon stage because nothing else is going smoothly.

An undisciplined Shadow Network, which has gone unsupervised for far too long, has made it clear that a new boss is not welcomed.

The vampires have begun to move against the courts again.

And the Winter Queen is still behaving suspiciously.

Against an enemy that is a master of deceit and always seems to be two steps ahead, the young Shadow Master had better catch up fast. Petty rivalries will have to be set aside if those Merc loves most can survive.

When Merc finally peels back the layers of the queen’s conspiracy to claim the Dreaming and seal the fates of every fey in it, they will discover an enemy more devastating than anyone imagined.

Umbra's Winter, Signed
Umbra's Winter E-Pub