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Dragonlight Press

Welcome to Dragonlight Press! My name is Andrea Stanet and here is where you will find my independently and traditionally published work.

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Under the Posts and Stories tab, you’ll find upcoming information, latest posts, and my newest flash fiction.

Indepepdent Releases has links to my Amazon exclusive release Spirit of the Wolf and my serial Anti-Villains.

Anthology Publications and Literary Journal Publications contain links to older works.

Down below, You can read more About Me and how to Contact me.

Back in 2017, my first short novel was published, but the imprint shut down in 2019. I’ve revised and updated it for re-release this spring. Other planned projects include a physical Anti-Villains Anthology once the serial is complete.

I have also launched a Dragonlight Press publication on the Medium blog site where some of my blog posts and shorter fiction pieces will appear.

Stay-tuned and poke around the revamped site and check out the Medium publication, where you can also follow and receive alerts on new posts.

Thanks for visiting!