Antiheroes lack typical heroic qualities—morals, idealism, caring, possibly proper hygiene. They lean into dark qualities like narcissism and violence.

Meet the Anti-Villains—goddesses and powerful female figures who are saddled with negative rap sheets but are much more complex than some want us to believe.

Lilith—often considered Adam’s first wife and demonized for being too assertive.

Tituba—the slave woman accused of witchcraft, setting off the Salem witch hunts.

Pandora—blamed for bringing evil into the world because she shared her gifts with humanity.

Medusa—a beautiful mortal turned into a monster at the whim of the Greek gods.

And others…

These seven short tales span eras and genres to deconstruct several goddess myths. The women represented are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always powerful forces who refuse to be controlled, silenced, or disrespected.

Warning: Some stories contain graphic violence