Antiheroes lack typical heroic qualities—morals, idealism, caring, possibly proper hygiene. They lean into dark qualities like narcissism and violence.
Meet the Anti-Villains—goddesses and powerful female figures who are saddled with negative rap sheets but are much more complex than some want us to believe.
This series of short tales spans eras and genres to deconstruct several goddess myths. The goddess representatives are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always powerful forces who refuse to be controlled, silenced, or disrespected.

Spirit of the Wolf

Hey, Mom. Sorry to wake you. Really horny, can’t sleep, boyfriend’s trying to have sex with me, and I want to, but I’m not ready yet. Oh, and I might be falling for a girl I met. Goodnight!

Asia is having a rough time these days. She can’t sleep and goes running in the woods at ridiculous hours. That’s how she met Nati, her new friend. Asia also has a boyfriend, Jesse, who right now is being clingy and possessive. Something is not right with him, but she’s losing patience. Besides, Nati is much nicer to be with. And seriously attractive.
Then there’s the matter of her wolf spirit. She doesn’t know it’s there yet, but something else does. Nati’s Jaddi sees it in her too. She’ll need to discover who she really is soon, no matter how hard it might be. Because that something wants her, and it means to have her whether she likes it or not.
The only way Asia can save herself is to choose—when secrets are revealed, and those she trusts suddenly have different faces, who will she become?
The spirit of the wolf may be all she can rely on.