A mysterious child is hunted for her powers

In the fictional Mexican city of Mesa Arrida, rumors circulate of a mysterious shapeshifting child the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Several factions want to capture her for their own purposes:

The Dawn Court wants to imprison her because she presents a threat to the fey kingdoms of the Dreaming.

The Queen of the Summer Court has laid claim to her because she was first discovered in the Summerlands. What they plan to do with the child, no one knows.

Los Gilas, a gang dealing in supernatural weapons, want the child to force her into helping with their illegal dealings.

A group of protectors must locate the child and gain her trust to help her evade her pursuers and reach safety.

Flight of the Dark Child is the debut module of Fey and Fate Adventures—a roleplaying adventure powered by a modified version of the Fate Accelerated system and set in the world of Umbra, book one of the Fey and Fate Trilogy.