Snowy Morning

Today has been emotionally challenging and in an attempt to settle myself, I tried a guided meditation, but my mind wouldn’t quiet down. I soaked in the bath and that helped a little but I still felt off. So my last resort was to throw myself into the conditions I dislike the most. I went out in the cold and snow at 7:30 am. What better way to cheer up?

On the plus side, I caught the golden hour. But the snow was so heavy, I couldn’t really see much, and it wasn’t that fun, fluffy snow. This snow was wet and heavy, and instead if accumulating just turned to inches of slush. I didn’t want to take many pictures and get the camera or my phone wet. But I captured a few that I liked.

One thing about where I live is that there are no sidewalks. If you want to walk anywhere outside of the development, you have to walk in the road with a skinny shoulder. The speed limit is pretty high for a residential area, especially at this time of year (slows in the summer). When I went out, the road needed another pass by the plow. It was near impossible to see the dividing lines. However, the sound of oncoming cars was much louder because if the combination of slush and early morning silence.

I heard one coming and thought it might not be a good idea to cross but they were still too far for me to see so I crossed anyway to take a couple of pics down the road. Then I managed to make my way to the lake, and the snow was so heavy it obscured the view like a thick fog.  I looked up and saw a pop of color against all the gray and white and managed to capture that. Then I went into the woods.

One of my favorite shots today

Up ahead, I saw a male figure in a black coat. This in itself wasn’t unusual. The strange part was that I looked down at my phone for a second, and when I looked back up he was gone! There was nowhere for a person to go except into the water or up the hill farther into the woods, and they’d still be visible. So that was creepy. And yet I kept walking ahead, the whole time concocting this very elaborate horror scenario in my head. Because I’m from the Bronx, so of course I can hold my own against some spectral figure in a deserted forest. Self-preservation skills were questionable this morning for sure. As I made my way out of the woods, I did see a man walking his dog, but I have no idea how he could have gotten out of sight so fast. It will remain a mystery.

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